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Dj/Producer (Mexico City, Queretaro)

The project was born on February 8, 2019 where the idea of creating a unique musical style occurred, deriving from several genres and not simply specifying only one, was taken up from an old project where today I evolve into a duo with ideas to excel and manifest everyone with a new concept of music production, where music is for everyone

A pleasure that has no consequences and discomfort, was the risk of taking a great dream where we will guide a beautiful destiny so much that one avoids a pain that produces no pleasure resulting in their truth, and is accused and that it is only hate Worthy of dishonor, which is the compliments of the pleasures present in the melody, are corrupters of these pains.

But I must explain how this whole idea takes a great turn, where from the beginning a dream or a promise will soon become complicit in the success of the denunciation of pleasure and will praise the explanation of the system and expose the teachings of life that for our youth it's a game. 

The New Order was born from a musical project where the use of various techniques and support to the industry would be implemented and until October 5 it was decided to make a change to DHAGMAR since the initial idea was still standing helping grow amateur producers from the industry giving way to prestigious labels such as Spinnin Records, Planet World, RAYZEN Records, Upgrade To The Darkness, One Fire Fire, Cosmos Network, Survivor Records, among others. Working on various GhostProducer projects with international DJ / Producer Elite taking steps to obtain the support of The Voyager, 39 Kingdom, Tyron Dixon, Mike Perry ,among others, managing to collaborate with national and international producers, we are dedicated to genres From Progressive House, Future Bounce / Bass / House and Big Room, more genres will be added to the project, we will be performing in Oaxaca with TNT Collective, Dreamgarden, Stringay Festival and more events that need to be confirmed.


  • Velvet Querétaro
  • Majadera 
  • Coco Bar's
  • After House
  • Coatlicue
  • Sinatra
  • La Casona
  • Upgrade To The Darkness
  • TNT Collective
  • Sound Fest!
  • Corona Session (Sun & Set's)
  • México Electronic Festivals 
  • SONG Records Show (Special Session)
  • EOG Records (The Sound Of Bass Vol.1)
  • MUFASA LIVE SESSION (Special Session)
  • Stingray Festival
  • Dreamgarden Fest
  • EOG Records & Soniklash Records (The Sound Of Bass Vol. 2)
  • Eminence Session
  • Epic House Party - Loop Live Fest-
  • We Make Noise
  • Madness Fest
  • Wishlow Fest


1: Progressive House

2: Future Bass / House / Bounce

3: Big Room

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